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At Eliya, our mission is to cater to your distinctive musical journey. We specialize in crafting user-friendly experiences with a personalized touch. Utilize Eliya's cutting-edge technology for unique and unforgettable musical ventures. Our dedicated customer service ensures a truly tailored music distribution experience. We innovate to prioritize your complete satisfaction.

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Artist services

The definitive collection of artist services

Music Distribution

We helps artists distribute their original music across various digital platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, and more. We ensure that the music reaches a wide audience and is available for streaming or purchase.

Content Monetization

We assist in monetizing various content related to the artist, such as music videos, live performances, behind-the-scenes footage, and more. This might involve strategies for YouTube monetization, securing sync licensing deals, or leveraging other content platforms.

Royalty Collection and Reporting

We handle the collection of royalties generated from music streams, downloads, and other uses. Additionally, we provide detailed reports to artists outlining where their music is being streamed or downloaded, allowing for better financial tracking.

Metadata Management and Optimization

Managing metadata is crucial for music discovery and proper cataloging. We help optimize metadata (track titles, descriptions, genre tags, etc.) to ensure that the music is easily discoverable and accurately categorized across platforms.

Marketing and Promotion

We offer marketing and promotional services to increase an artist's visibility. This could include playlist pitching, social media promotion, advertising campaigns, and other strategies to enhance an artist's reach.

Engagement and Analytics

Providing tools and insights to help artists understand and engage with their fan base. This includes analytics and data-driven insights into fan demographics, geographical locations, streaming behaviors, and engagement levels.

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Navigating your path to success in the Digital Realm

Seamlessly propel your music across diverse platforms, accelerating your reach and impact. Efficiently adapt and enhance your digital presence through innovative strategies. Empower your music with cutting-edge technologies and unparalleled experiences. Optimize customer-focused services to elevate your digital footprint. Constantly propel your music forward, focusing on growth and enhanced visibility in the digital landscape.

Why Choose Us

We synergize dynamic actions to ensure seamless interoperability and maximize the potential of your music. Our expertise molds adaptable strategies to optimize your digital presence cost-effectively.

Smart Distribution Channels

Implementing intelligent distribution networks for your music's widespread reach.

Cutting-Edge Infrastructure

Building a robust and advanced system for seamless music distribution.

Quality Service at Affordable Rates

Providing top-tier services at accessible rates for musicians' success.

Collaborative Strategy

Strategically planning and collaborating to enhance your music's distribution impact.

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We're passionate about accelerating your creative journey. Seamlessly adapt your artistic vision through innovative collaborations and cost-effective initiatives. Maximize cutting-edge technologies to amplify unique experiences. Optimize artist-centric support for proactive growth. Embrace continual progress and forward-thinking approaches to elevate your craft beyond traditional boundaries.


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